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Your career at Techedge

We are a lean organization by design; we prefer to spend time focusing on our people’s development, not on how they should fit an organizational chart.
And so, our career path is simple:

  • New graduates join as Consultants and quickly begin learning the different components of a solution from a business and a technology perspective.
  • When consultants are ready, they become Principals, experts of an entire solution, rather than just a product, a component or a single process. Principals work with clients to help them  assess their business needs and design their solutions.
  • When Principals are ready they become Managers: Subject Matter Experts recognized as trusted advisors by clients and go-to experts by colleagues, able to manage complex projects and large teams, and committed to contributing to the development of internal knowledge.
  • Managers become Partners once they are recognized as leaders within the company, thanks to their contribution to the development of the company in terms of capabilities, competence and business.

At Techedge, two things drive your career: your Talent and your Passion.

So what does it mean being at Techedge?

BE GLOBAL > We are a global company and so are our clients. Together, we leverage technology to solve business challenges that have a global impact.
BE OPEN > We serve multiple industries. Consumer goods, automotive, luxury, energy, and manufacturing are only some examples. This means the opportunity to work in different sectors, understanding how business operate in different industries.
BE MASTER > Clients choose us for our unique blend of technology and business skills. Candidates choose us to develop and hone those skills. Whether it's Digital Manufacturing, Financial Consolidation or Big Data, it's not about knowing the subject, it's about mastering it. And developing masters is what we master in doing.
BE TRUSTED > It's in our brand, so yes, it matters. We share our clients' objectives and we believe in long-term relationships that add value. It means we always put their interests first and behave as trusted advisors. That's why they call us Partner.
BE YOURSELF > We believe that we can only be excellent if we do what we have a natural passion for. So we don't try to make our people fit a mold, we help them leverage their uniqueness to become masters.

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About us

At Techedge, our mission is to help companies become more agile by exploiting the value of information technology throughout every stage of their business transformation.
We accomplish this by providing Business Solutions & IT Services that come from our unique ability to combine business knowledge and technology expertise.
Our Business Solutions are designed to enable our clients to discover and leverage business insights to gain competitive advantage.
Our IT services make competitive advantage sustainable in the long term through proper balance of governance and innovation.
The distinctive mix of pragmatic Business Vision & IT delivery capabilities is the value we bring to our clients. A Trust based approach, focused on long-term relationships is what makes our clients call us Partner.
With over 1,300 professionals and 25 offices worldwide, we offer the scalability and coverage of a global provider, the flexibility of a local partner and the competence of a strategic trusted advisor.


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